True stories

Whether they are seniors or thirty-somethings, all couples who have successfully tested their love compatibility have sent us their stories. We are proud to share some of the stories from the customers who agreed to have them published. As you can see, we have members of all ages and from all walks of life. If you want to be sure you can trust us before signing up, isn't our success rate a good proof?

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Justine (22)

I met a boy and everything was going well, but I had a few doubts about committing myself in a lasting way to him (marriage), I did some research on the internet and I came across mytruecompanion, I tried out the site and it's incredible because the result was really very similar to our situation. Then I really got interested in the tips I was getting and it was really unbelievable, but I won't say more. In short, they asked me about my experience, and here it is, don't hesitate to sign up.

Sophie (36) et Benoit (37)

My boyfriend and I signed up on the website together for a laugh. We soon got interested in the idea and we were impatient to see our result, and our compatibility rating was 83%, we weren't surprised, but we still followed their tips to the letter and we loved it, especially the last part... Thank you

Stéphanie (21) et Julien (24)

It's very strange this kind of site, but you have to admit that it's effective, with a compatibility rate of 67% we are still together after six months. It made us do things we hadn't planned to do. It's all very surprising, now the internet tells you how to develop your love life, what is the world coming to, but in any case we are very happy with it

Laura (21) et Eric (21)

It's a very surprising idea, we tried it out and recommend it, you'll be surprised! It's really very surprising, now the internet explains to you how to develop your love life, what is the world coming to, but anyway, we are very happy with it

Marie (46)

I was looking for a way to find out if my "new" relationship would work out, I came across your website, and I was really happy with it, since the analyses and tips are simple and effective. Thanks to your team.

Caroline (37) et Georges (52)

We were going through a rough patch and I wanted to "take the temperature" of our couple. Your approach was perfect.

Pierre (20)

I used the site a few times to see if I was compatible with a few different girls. Your website is really effective. I recommend it.

Sophie (21)

I almost left my husband for someone else. I used your website to make sure I was compatible with my lover, which wasn't the case. So I delayed the separation I was planning... I won't go into details, but I really did the right thing! Thank you!

Laurent (24)

Hello, I'm naturally very shy, and I have trouble talking to girls. Now I use your website each time I want to attract a girl and to test if we might be compatible. And that's a big help. Thank you.

Justin (20)

A very original approach, I didn't know about this kind of site, but I recommend it. It's well worth it!!

(wished to remain anonymous)

What's great about your site, is that it works for testing a young or a mature couple. The questions are really relevant and the tips are excellent. I recommend it to my patients.

(wished to remain anonymous)

My girlfriend and I were taking different roads, she wanted to leave, I was desperate, I went on the internet and followed the programme on your website to the letter. In short, we saved our relationship, you could charge a lot more because you are keeping relationships alive. Thank you.

Paola (35) et Romain (37)

We had started divorce proceedings, my husband wanted to leave, I persuaded him to follow the MyTrueCompanion programme, we couldn't believe how far our relationship had taken a wrong turn, we followed the tips to the smallest detail and the result is we saved our marriage. It's a good job, because we have two young daughters, and it would have been catastrophic.

Brice (39)

Je n’ai jamais été fort en matière de drague, j’en ai finalement trouvé une avec qui j’avais une relation chouette, je sentais bien qu’elle allait filer. Votre site m’a considérablement aidé à sauver la situation, en fait je n’aurais jamais pensé être capable de séduire une fille comme vous me l’avez conseillé. Je pense pouvoir dire aujourd’hui que l’affaire est réglée.

Adrien (22) et Zoé (19)

I feel close to my girlfriend, but we were looking for stimulation, so we signed up for MyTrueCompanion, it's quite basic at first, but if you go to the end you'll be surprised, at any rate we were!

Stéphane (18)

I have never had a girlfriend and didn't know how to go about it, so of course I looked on the internet. Your website might be hypothetical, but it really helped me come out of myself. I think you know what I mean.

Béatrice (39) et Adrien (47)

I'm 55, and I saved my couple thanks to you, I will always be grateful!

Sunnah (18)

He was my first boyfriend, I had no idea what to do, I followed your tips and it worked, at any rate for the moment (after 5 months), I think I can get by without your services now. Thank you.

Elie (22) et Inhème (21)

My boyfriend and I love your site, we knew we were in love, but it was fun to try out the idea, it's really interactive and incredibly real, we loved the latest tips... which we followed to the letter... We recommend the site.

Francois (23)

I'm embarrassed to admit that the internet formed my couple, from all points of view, the tips are incredibly customised, it's almost strange how real they are. I didn't say anything about it to my girlfriend, who first of all took me for a Don Juan. In the end I told her that the whole story came from MyTrueCompanion. First of all, she didn't believe me, but I showed her the website. I did it because I really love her, and she immediately recommended the site to her friends. In short, thank you.

Rachel (36)

We played the game and we are now happier than ever, thanks to you.